What is Accountability?

What is Accountability?

While Its difficult to get the right people for the right job, it's even more
difficult to make the people currently working with you productive and efficient.

• Define What Is Expected
This is the first step. Clearly spell out what is expected from the employee. Most
problems start when we do not communicate our expectations clearly. A well-defined
job profile and job description will help a person understand his role. One way of doing
this is to document these roles and expectations. The best way is to make the person
himself write it, lest he forgets.

• Regular Supervision
Keep an eye on the person who is doing the work. Regular supervision, and asking the
right questions will help if the employee is about to lose direction. This does not mean
that you need to be 'bossy' or restrict a person. You must allow the employee freedom to
carry out the task in his or her style. You need not define 'how' but you will have to
define 'what' and 'why'. It's important that the person maintains his focus on his

• Reminders and Following-Up
When you do this for the first time, it will take some time for the person to understand.
However, with patience and practice, incorporate this into a system that runs the

show, rather than doing this yourself! Of course, if you keep issuing reminders and the
work still doesn't get done, then it is time to take some serious action.

• The Fine
The unproductive employee must be fined! Just announcing this,
or making this part of the company policy will not help. One has to implement it from
time to time. This will get rid of lethargy and the employee will act quickly to protect
himself. It will also send out the message that you are serious about your business and no
one can take his work for granted.
If each person in an organization works with optimum productivity as per the goals
defined, the business world itself would be different!